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The Northern Ireland Financial Services sector is thriving, with 36,000 people currently working in the sector. The industry is made up of a variety of sub-sectors which covers finance, banking, insurance, defence and healthcare.

In recent years, Northern Ireland has gained an international reputation for their expertise in trading and payments technologies, as well as analytics and cybersecurity. A report from the UK Parliament found that financial services in Northern Ireland generated £1.2bn in economic output. Belfast also holds the title for being the number one city in the world for foreign direct investment in the Fintech (financial technology) sector. Not bad for such a small country, eh?!

The local universities are keen to keep up the momentum, with Queen’s opening the UK’s largest cyber-security focused university technology research, development and innovation centre. The Centre for Secure Information Technologies (CSIT) aims to be a global innovation hub for cyber security, accelerating new value creation, driving new venture creation and building capacity for the cyber security industry.



For such a small city, Belfast has a thriving industry in Financial Services. With the industry encompassing many different sectors, including: insurance, professional services, fintech and IT, there are many different companies based in Northern Ireland for you to start your career with.

In the Insurance industry, there are firms such as Dickson & Co and the Kerr Group, whilst in the financial services sector there are firms such as St James’ Place, as well as global players such as: PwC, FinTrU, EY, IQEQ, KPMG, Citibank and Pearson.

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