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Business and administration is a very broad field that covers many different types of roles, from office admin roles to management positions in graduate schemes. Typical roles can include: project management, HR, consultancy, marketing and sales. These roles are common across many different types of businesses and industries, such as financial services, manufacturing and retail. The positions are often essential in maintaining the day-to-day running of the business, organising projects and in some cases managing teams of people.

Many people who enter a career in this industry will have a business degree, however it is not a requirement. Some companies will simply ask for a degree in any subject, particularly if it is a graduate position, or some may not ask for a degree at all.



There are a huge amount of employers out there, both large and small, who want to hire graduates with a business degree. The choice is really depending on what kind of industry you would prefer to go into.

The benefit of having a degree in business or administration studies is that it does not limit you to one particular industry. You can enter in to one industry as a new graduate and then completely change lanes to work for a company in a different industry in a few years time. As a business graduate you could go and work for a technology firm as part of their HR department for example. Or you could go and work in the public sector in an administrative role, or maybe you would prefer to work for a new start-up as part of their marketing team. The opportunities are endless!

Employers such as Pwc and First Derivatives are constantly hiring graduates in a variety of different roles throughout the year. Other popular graduate employers in Northern Ireland are EY, Capita, and Ulster Bank, as well as the Northern Ireland Civil Service in the public sector.

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