The analytics and big data industries in Northern Ireland have boomed in recent years. Fuelled by the growth in the amount of data being consumed globally, Northern Ireland’s thriving technology industry has helped create a huge number of jobs in the analytics sector.

Analytics are used by a company to examine data which they have collected and compiled. This helps companies become more efficient by understanding their customers and generating more sales. If you decide to enter this industry, there are many career paths you can take, from a Data Scientist, to a Business Analyst. With roles in this sector being so in demand, salaries and benefits can be very rewarding.

There are four main types of analytics, including: descriptive analytics, predictive analytics, diagnostic analytics and prescriptive analytics. The type of analytics used will depend on the type of analysis required. If you love crunching numbers and extracting information – this is the industry for you!



A role in the Analytics sector can bring you into may different types of companies. Typically, you could expect to be employed by any of the Big Four. Firms like EY, Pwc and Deloitte, offer many graduates the chance to start their career in analytics, offering roles such as a Data Analyst, which helps analyse large volumes of data to find valuable information for their clients. Collectively, the Big 4 hire a vast amount of graduates in Northern Ireland, however, there are other employers out there should you want to work in a different industry.

You could also enter into the software industry and work for a company such as First Derivatives (FD) as a Data Scientist. FD offer a suite of software products and consulting services to clients across many different industries, including finance, technology and the energy sector. A Data Scientist is someone who is able to dig into vast amounts of data and unearth business insights to help boost sales revenue.

Other employers you could consider are FinTrU, Kainos, Allstate, Abbey Insurance and AquaQ. The beauty of entering this area is that you can move into many different industries. Data has grown so rapidly over recent years, so many companies across various industries have a need for someone to help make sense of it and understand it so as they can use it more effectively for their customers.

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