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Radar is Northern Ireland’s first dedicated portal and is designed to build and support the local graduate community, offer innovative career guidance and fresh employability content. We want to share amazing opportunities, help you find and filter employer brands and learn more about key sectors.


Radar is designed for the Northern Ireland graduate community. It provides employer brands, career options, advice, insight and job opportunities in one place. So, less time hunting and more time selecting.


Find out which sectors are thriving and emerging and find the employers that are hiring graduates right now and in the future. Find out about companies across a variety of locations, sectors, and filter by their shape and size, or by what benefits are on offer.


Find out which employers are sharing videos, promoting their social and career events and using Radar to attract you, capture your potential and build your future.


Check out the insights section of Radar which offers career advice and employability content and blogs to build your knowledge. Content is from employers, career specialists, students and graduates.


Click to follow a sector or employer and receive instant alerts about new jobs, events, training academies, news and general advice.


For students and graduate users, there is no charge to register. Radar will help you select the right company, support your career elevation and by working together, help Northern Ireland look after and retain our graduate talent and attract other NI graduates back home.

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