Frequently Asked Questions

Can my company promote placement opportunities?

Radar is initially focused on graduates but is currently working on this functionality. More information will be available soon.

Can my company promote training academies?

Yes, on your profile page, you can highlight that training academies are available.

Can my company promote apprenticeships?

Radar will be available for this important market and is presently developing this functionality for the site.

Do you have support available?

Yes, we have technical, sales and marketing support available. Call Radar on XXXXXXXX

Can I advertise or sponsor within the Radar site?

Yes, a variety of options are available to promote your brand in a very cost-effective method. Contact the Radar team on XXXXXXX

Can recruitment companies advertise on Radar?

A goal for Radar is to bring graduates and employers closer together and engage more directly. Radar is solely available for companies that are hiring their own staff.

I don’t want to hire graduates, but can I advertise on Radar?

We do want to limit the volume of 3rd party advertising but we recognise that this demographic may be of interest to your brand. Call Radar on XXXXXXX to discuss this in more detail.

How do I sign up?

Click on this link and you can register your brand in minutes. If you have a particular demand to hire a volume of graduates and want further advice, you can contact our experienced team in Radar on XXXXXXXXX.

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