I’ve got the job – now what?
12 Aug Future

Welcome to the real world! You’ve nailed the interview, got the job, signed the contract and bought a whole new professional wardrobe. Now what? You might be an immediate start or you might have one last lazy student summer before starting your grad job. Either way, pre-first day nerves are perfectly normal for someone 30 […]

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Is your degree worth it?
30 May Academic

University tuition fees in England should be cut to £7,500 per year, a government commissioned review has recommended. The review also says student loan repayments should last for 40 years rather than the current limit of 30 years. Tuition fees in England were trebled in 2012, and according to the Institute for Fiscal Studies, students […]

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Should I stay or should I go?
08 May Case Study

As graduation approaches and distant relatives incessantly ask us “well, what’s the plan then?” It’s easy to feel confused by the myriad of options on the path of our newly bought graduation shoes. While career direction, company size, grad scheme or not are all relevant questions to ask, I started with this one; should I […]

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How to #AddressYourStress
01 Apr Social

It is now April and with dissertation deadlines and exams fast approaching, stress levels are going to be sky high! 1st April marks the start of #StressAwarenessMonth, which aims to increase public awareness about common causes and cures for stress. Radar has put together a guide identifying common causes of stress as well as tips […]

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Employers – How to make new Graduates feel Welcome

It’s obvious to any employer that hiring recent graduates can have some great advantages for a business. From excited new ideas to plenty of energy and enthusiasm for the company and the role. The rewards are great for companies who choose to hire, nurture and develop new talent. However, lots of companies have difficulty attracting […]

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Top 5 Tips to Rock the First Day in your New Job
28 Feb Career Advice

As a recent graduate, starting your first professional role can be a truly daunting experience filled with self-doubt and unnecessary worry. Fear not! Check out how to prep for your big day to make Day 1 a seamless and an undeniable success. Be Organised and Look the Part This should go without saying but it’s […]

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Spend a Year Abroad? Absolutely!
22 Feb Academic

You’ve finished school, you’ve made it to University, you have had your fun at freshers… now it’s time to think about enhancing your CV. University alone isn’t enough anymore to attract employers. What if I told you there is a way to enhance your skills, make new friends and make memories that will last forever. […]

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Swimming in the Shark Tank
17 Feb Career Advice

Leaving University behind and entering the minefield that is the office can be, well, a minefield for recent graduates. Get ready to discover new levels of politics and all sorts of different situations that you’ll have to overcome. Knowing how to approach a difficult co-worker or a sneaky colleague or even a troublesome boss can […]

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Getting out of Student Debt!
07 Feb Graduate News

With the world being what it is, there’s no such thing as a free lunch or a free education. It’s a matter of fact that most of us will leave University after completing our degrees and be saddled with student loans and debt that we now have to pay off. When you’re living the care-free […]

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