It’s official – Belfast students are the least stressed in the UK
16 Jul Research

Ulster Bank released their annual Student Living Index today, uncovering some interesting facts about students’ habits here in Northern Ireland. The survey showed that university students here spent on average around a third less for rent than their counterparts in the rest of the UK. Average monthly rent for a student in NI is £325.90, […]

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Radar Reviews – Financial Services
16 Apr Career Advice

RADAR REVIEWS Northern Ireland’s Financial Services sector! Radar Reviews is a series of content pieces in which we produce a case study which provides an overview of various different industries, sectors and companies in Northern Ireland. The primary purpose of Radar Reviews is to give emerging talent more of an insight into areas which interest […]

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Millennials are killing industries – or are they?
03 Apr Future

Millennials get a tough time in the press. When we aren’t being called snowflake cry babies by Piers Morgan, we are busy trying to get the perfect selfie or eating an avocado. Or so the media would have you believe! A piece of research from the US lists various industries millennials are killing, including: • […]

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Stop Brain Drain. Start Brain Gain.
18 Feb Future

Like many other smaller regions in the UK, universities in Great Britain (and Dublin) have attracted many students from NI. Maybe it’s because we offer the strongest set of academic results each year, or we have further challenges which operate as push factors and encourage students to start afresh in new cities like London, Liverpool […]

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Brexit impacting on student flows across border?
12 Feb Graduate News

According to a recent article in the BBC, there has been a dramatic shift of student flow between Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland and this may be influenced further by the ongoing uncertainties from Brexit. Based on a report from the Republic’s Department of Education and Skills (DES) and Northern Ireland’s Department for the […]

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Slight increase in graduate salaries in NI
10 Feb Graduate News

Radar has established the average salary for graduates based in NI has increased slightly in the past year and pay differences between male and females is decreasing. The research has been conducted by the Department for Economy (DfE) who assess the salary of graduates who obtain employment six months after completing their degree. In the […]

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Significant student loan over-payments in NI
06 Feb Research

A recent article in the Belfast Telegraph raised a high level of concern after it outlined that over £8m has been overpaid by NI students in the past 5 years.  In the past 12 months, over 3,200 graduates overpaid £1.7m at an average overspend of £540 per graduate. The research was based on a five year […]

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