Radar welcomes Carson McDowell
11 Sep Employer News

A huge welcome to our newest client Carson McDowell! Carson McDowell is one of Northern Ireland’s most renowned and well-established law firms. The firm, which has been operating since 1852, has a reputation for providing exceptional legal advice and service to their clients, many of whom are in the Top 100 firms in Northern Ireland. […]

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Is your degree worth it?
30 May Academic

University tuition fees in England should be cut to £7,500 per year, a government commissioned review has recommended. The review also says student loan repayments should last for 40 years rather than the current limit of 30 years. Tuition fees in England were trebled in 2012, and according to the Institute for Fiscal Studies, students […]

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EY list 2 new graduate opportunities!
10 May Graduate News

EY have posted two new graduate opportunities on Radar! Are you a recent graduate looking to get on the career ladder? Visit EY’s profile to check out their latest graduate opportunities on Radar. The company are recruiting for a: • Global Account Coordinator • Statutory Reporting Accounting Analyst These are two amazing opportunities for graduates. […]

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Biggest career challenges faced by NI graduates in 2019
12 Mar Academic

Student Debt. Brexit. Stormont. Brain Drain. Trump’s Wall. Backstop … will the negativity ever STOP! Many of you are entering the final stage of an education journey that has lasted for at least 17 continuous years! As you focus on your final exams, your mind is frequently interrupted with thoughts on the big choices ahead […]

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Let your CV sell you
10 Mar Career Advice

When you’re just starting out, you won’t have much of a CV. Because you won’t have much experience. Really, that’s OK. Employers understand. If you just graduated and the only work you’ve done is a little bar or shop work, don’t make it sound like you were running a multinational leisure and retail group single-handedly. […]

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Top 5 Tips to Rock the First Day in your New Job
28 Feb Career Advice

As a recent graduate, starting your first professional role can be a truly daunting experience filled with self-doubt and unnecessary worry. Fear not! Check out how to prep for your big day to make Day 1 a seamless and an undeniable success. Be Organised and Look the Part This should go without saying but it’s […]

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It’s just not working out.
21 Feb Career Advice

‘No, it’s not you, it’s me. Can we still be friends? Right now, I just feel I need to see… another job.’ As a billion cheesy songs will tell you, breaking up is hard to do. But sometimes it really is for the best, for both of you. Yeah, it’s a big step. After all, […]

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Are you a squirrel or a Jaffa Cake? Dealing with wacky interview questions
20 Feb Career Advice

Be warned: some interviewers love to throw in an oddball question. ‘If you were an animal or a biscuit, what would you be?’ That kind of malarkey. There is actually a logic behind it – and it’s not just to unsettle you. It’s to see if you can think on your feet. And though there […]

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Stop Brain Drain. Start Brain Gain.
18 Feb Future

Like many other smaller regions in the UK, universities in Great Britain (and Dublin) have attracted many students from NI. Maybe it’s because we offer the strongest set of academic results each year, or we have further challenges which operate as push factors and encourage students to start afresh in new cities like London, Liverpool […]

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