Final year is over… What next?
04 Jun Academic

Final year – those dreaded words. Exams, presentations, a dissertation – STRESS! Final year can be a very stressful period, you are coming to the end of the course you have been on for the past 3 or 4 years, saying goodbye to friends you have made along the way, and trying to figure out […]

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Radar Reviews – Financial Services
16 Apr Career Advice

RADAR REVIEWS Northern Ireland’s Financial Services sector! Radar Reviews is a series of content pieces in which we produce a case study which provides an overview of various different industries, sectors and companies in Northern Ireland. The primary purpose of Radar Reviews is to give emerging talent more of an insight into areas which interest […]

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Does failing make you a failure?
11 Apr Career Advice

Failure – something that happens to us all at some stage. For many people, the word failure is an uncomfortable one, a word with negative connotations that conjures an image of someone who maybe didn’t work hard enough. But failure occurs everyday, in schools, in work and in family life. It is unavoidable. We can […]

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NI Apprenticeship Careers Fair
26 Mar Career Advice

Can’t decide if Uni is the right path for you? Or maybe you just want to keep your options open? If that’s the case, Belfast Met has organised the perfect event for you. The college is holding an Apprenticeships Careers Fair & Open Day, with over 30 companies in attendance across a wide variety of […]

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Biggest career challenges faced by NI graduates in 2019
12 Mar Academic

Student Debt. Brexit. Stormont. Brain Drain. Trump’s Wall. Backstop … will the negativity ever STOP! Many of you are entering the final stage of an education journey that has lasted for at least 17 continuous years! As you focus on your final exams, your mind is frequently interrupted with thoughts on the big choices ahead […]

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Let your CV sell you
10 Mar Career Advice

When you’re just starting out, you won’t have much of a CV. Because you won’t have much experience. Really, that’s OK. Employers understand. If you just graduated and the only work you’ve done is a little bar or shop work, don’t make it sound like you were running a multinational leisure and retail group single-handedly. […]

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Forget about the price tag?
04 Mar Career Advice

That Jessie J., she’s a laugh. Most of us can’t forget about the price tag. But when it comes to work, do you know what yours really is? Sure, everyone would like to be earning more, but the company you work for has a budget. That pays for everything – the building, bills, stock and materials, […]

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Top 5 Tips to Rock the First Day in your New Job
28 Feb Career Advice

As a recent graduate, starting your first professional role can be a truly daunting experience filled with self-doubt and unnecessary worry. Fear not! Check out how to prep for your big day to make Day 1 a seamless and an undeniable success. Be Organised and Look the Part This should go without saying but it’s […]

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Spend a Year Abroad? Absolutely!
22 Feb Academic

You’ve finished school, you’ve made it to University, you have had your fun at freshers… now it’s time to think about enhancing your CV. University alone isn’t enough anymore to attract employers. What if I told you there is a way to enhance your skills, make new friends and make memories that will last forever. […]

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