How to find a job using social media
08 Oct

We all know that social media is everywhere these days. Everybody is using at least one of the platforms to communicate with friends, or maybe just to keep up with your favourite celeb. But did you know that more and more employers are using social media to hire new talent? A report from High Fliers […]

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6 skills you need for a career in law
26 Jul

At one stage growing up, it’s probably fair to say that we were all secretly inspired by CSI or Law & Order and thought about having a career in law when we grew up. Some people probably grew out of it and realised CSI is not real life, but some may still feel like a […]

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What is an Assessment Centre?
19 Jun

Find out why employers use Assessment Centres to screen candidates, the different tasks you may be asked to do and what you need to do to succeed.  Once you start applying for graduate jobs, if successful in passing the interview stage, you will notice that some employers use Assessment Centres when trying to filter out […]

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How to find a graduate job in Northern Ireland
05 Jun Career Advice

It’s a competitive old market out there. With more people going to uni now than ever before, that means that the competition for jobs has never been greater. But that doesn’t mean you’re not going to get the job you deserve! Oh no, it just means you have to be more prepared and organised when […]

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3 tips to make your CV stand out to employers
23 May Career Advice

Writing a CV is the easy part. Writing a good CV that stands out from the crowd is the hard bit.  Recruiters can have hundreds of applications for a role. This can mean a considerable amount of time is spent looking at CVs. Knowing how to make your CV stand out is vital. But did […]

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How to write a CV – the complete guide
20 May Career Advice

Getting your CV right is important. A CV is almost like an advert of yourself. It Is your sales pitch to a potential employer on why you would be a good fit for the role you are applying for. Therefore, making sure you know how to write a CV and do it well, including all […]

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What is a cover letter?
16 May Career Advice

If you have applied for a graduate opportunity recently you will have probably been asked to write a cover letter. But do you find yourself wondering – what is a cover letter? Isn’t my CV enough? Well, in short, no. Not all the time. Some companies require a cover letter with each application, however some […]

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How to write a speculative application
13 May Career Advice

Did you know that only 30% of all new jobs are ever advertised? That means a whopping 70% of new jobs are not advertised on a jobs board. That’s a huge number of opportunities, but how do you go about finding these hidden jobs? After all, this could be your perfect role! The number one […]

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What NOT to ask in an interview!
10 May Career Advice

So, your interview is coming to an end. You’ve settled your nerves and you are responding well to the panel you have to face, answering all the questions they have put to you and remembering all the stuff you had prepped beforehand. SUCCESS! You’ve got this in the bag… Then suddenly… BOOM, a bomb has […]

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What is an Internship?
01 May Academic

With more people going to university now than ever before, having industry experience on your CV is becoming more important for graduates to ensure they have a competitive advantage over their peers. There are various methods of gaining experience as a student or graduate. One of these is through an internship. Internships are becoming a […]

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What is a graduate programme?
19 Apr Academic

With the university year coming to an end, inevitably your thoughts will turn to ‘What the heck am I going to do now?’ As you start looking for jobs, you will see the variety of what is out there. Graduate jobs, graduate programmes, internships, what are they are what do I need to do to […]

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