3 tips to make your CV stand out to employers

23 May Career Advice
Writing a CV is the easy part. Writing a good CV that stands out from the crowd is the hard bit. 

Recruiters can have hundreds of applications for a role. This can mean a considerable amount of time is spent looking at CVs. Knowing how to make your CV stand out is vital.

But did you know that the average time they spend looking at a CV is just 8 seconds! That’s according to research which used eye-tracking technology to analyse recruiters’ CV reading habits.

8 seconds is not a lot of time to wow the reader. This, coupled with the 2 page rule means you have to make sure every piece of information on your CV is valuable and that your CV is formatted to look good and read well!

But how can you make your CV stand out? Let’s break it down.

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Design & Formatting

The design and format of your CV is a really important element to your CV. The information you include in your CV is important, but if it is not formatted properly and laid out in a clear manner, chances are it will be overlooked.

Think about the font you use (not Comic Sans please), make sure it is appropriate and easy to read. You can also consider trying to add a personal touch to make it stand out (within reason). This is common for creatives in industries such as graphic design and web design. But make sure the information is easy to find, if they can’t easily find what they are looking for your CV may be overlooked.

If you need some inspiration, you can easily search CV examples online to see what other people in your industry have done to make their CV stand out.


After you have settled on a layout, it is time to start thinking about the content of your CV.

As you only have two pages, it is essential to make sure you write good quality content in order to make the most of the space.

Try and write sentences that are concise, and which clearly explain what it is that you want to highlight.

The tone of your CV should be professional – however, don’t be afraid to inject some personality into it and use your own words. After all, they could be looking at 100’s of CVs, so something to make it stand out a bit might be a good idea!

Cover Letter

The purpose of your CV is to highlight and communicate the key facts of your skills and experience to potential employers. You will not be able to fit everything in that you want to – but that is where a cover letter comes along.

A cover letter is a document which is sent alongside your CV when applying for a hob. The purpose of a cover letter is to introduce yourself and sell your application. It is also a chance for you to briefly discuss and highlight something you may not have mentioned on your CV.

A cover letter should always be tailored to suit the job you are applying for.

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