Queen’s University Announcement

16 Mar Academic
Queen’s University has suspended face-to-face lectures in response to the ongoing outbreak of Covid-19. The University will be delivering all lecture material remotely.

Laboratory sessions, tutorials and seminars will all continue as normal, but any scheduled field trips have been cancelled.

Queen’s have said that a number of students have identified as having coronavirus-like symptoms and are awaiting test results to confirm if they had the virus or not.

President and vice-chancellor Professor Ian Greer said: “As always, our first priority is to safeguard our students, staff and the general public. This is a time for us to come together as a community and I would like to thank all colleagues and students for the calm, unity, care and resilience that you have shown as we work together as part of the wider public effort to minimise the impact of the virus.”

We will continue to bring you updates as we receive them.