NEW! Radar Industry Guides

17 Sep Radar News
Are you struggling to make your mind up about which sector you want to work in? Or maybe you are already in uni and studying a degree but haven’t a clue about what companies you can work for or what kind of salary you can expect as a new graduate?

Well, you’ve come to the right place! Radar has officially launched our brand new Industry Guides! These comprehensive overviews provide you with everything you need to know about your chosen sector, meaning you are armed with the right information to make an informed career decision!

Currently, there are 8 guides you can look at (with more to come!). Industries covered include: Business and Administration, Law and Legal, Sales & Marketing, IT, Accountancy and Financial Services. In each guide, we cover all the things you want to know, like who are the major players in the market, what are the different routes I can take to enter the market, what kind of skills I need to succeed and (more importantly!) what kind of salary and benefits can I expect as a graduate in that market. There are also handy videos to guide you on various job roles available in the industry as well as more practical advice on things like your CV and cover letter.

Think of it like your Industry Bible. We’ve got you covered!

Want to have a nosey? You can find Industry Guides in our navigation menu at the top of our homepage.

Happy reading!