9 things I wish I knew before Freshers

20 Sep Social
It’s that time of year again, freshers is upon us and our livers (and bank balance) are going to take a battering. Freshers is the highlight of the student calendar, when all of the pubs and clubs are full of other uni students, you meet new people and make friends that will be with you throughout your time at university.

But everyone has something they wish they knew before starting university, or something you wish you could tell future freshers. So we’ve compiled a list of things we think you should know (and things we wish we knew) before you go wild at freshers.

9 things I wish I knew before I started freshers
  1. Hey big spender

Believe it or not, your student loan is not limitless (who knew?!). As tempting as all the nights out are, the cost of the pints and double vodkas will all add up and can leave a dent in your finances. This may sound good during freshers, but do you really want to be eating Pot Noodles for the next 4 months? Try and budget your money to make sure you have enough to last you, especially if you don’t have a job.

  1. Laundry (ugh)

The bane of life. The never ending chore that is washing your clothes. You do one wash, and instantly there are more clothes that go into the newly emptied basket. Leaving your washing until you have run out of clean underwear is not the way to go about it. Stay on top of it and remember – don’t put colours in with whites. Yes, it does sound like something your mum would say, but unless you want your new uni wardrobe to undergo a dramatic makeover, don’t skimp on the washing skills.

  1. Freshers Flu

Freshers flu is inevitable, you will not get out unscathed. Be prepared with medication – Berocca is your best friend.

  1. Lock your door

Always lock your door in halls! Not only could you find your room covered in post-it notes by your housemates, but that nice shiny new laptop you got could also go walkies and you will never see it again (it happens). So be safe and always lock your door.


  1. Washing up

Dishes. No one in the world likes doing dishes, but when an alien species starts to grow on your plate, it’s probably time to wash it. The same goes for emptying the bins, don’t leave it until your kitchen has become a landfill site before emptying it.

The best way to tackle this is to try and devise a plan of action with your new housemates when you move in. Work out a plan than everyone is happy with, making sure you all have do your fair share, this could be tidying up after yourselves, or tackling It together – see what works best for all of you.

  1. Actually go to uni

You’d think this was a given, right? Enjoy freshers and going out, but as tempting as having a lie-in may seem, you should try and make a conscious effort to go to uni. The first couple of weeks are useful in that they help you get your bearings around the place.

You will also (more than likely) have to do group work at some stage and you don’t want to be that person that comes in mid-way through first semester who doesn’t know anyone and awkwardly has to try and find a group. Save yourself the embarrassment and just go to uni, you will thank yourself for it later!

  1. Freshers Fifteen

No, not the traybake. Be aware of the ‘freshers fifteen’, this is apparently the amount of weight that freshers put on in their first year due to overdoing the takeaways and a whole lot of booze. Which leads us nicely to our next point.

  1. Try and keep fit

Whether this is by taking up a hobby, joining a society or by going to the gym, keeping fit will help you get through the year. The partying can catch-up with you physically and it may start to impact your mental health too, especially when deadlines are fast-approaching. You will be surprised how much an hour in the gym twice a week can help you de-stress.



  1. Get involved

Starting uni is a really exciting time in your life. There are thousands of people all in the same boat as you and it is a great time to meet lots of new people who you may never have encountered if you didn’t go to uni. Get involved in the societies, being a part of something in university can make your experience 100 times better.