Forget about the price tag?

04 Mar Career Advice

That Jessie J., she’s a laugh. Most of us can’t forget about the price tag. But when it comes to work, do you know what yours really is? Sure, everyone would like to be earning more, but the company you work for has a budget. That pays for everything – the building, bills, stock and materials, insurance, you. And you think they should pay more for the you part.

So how do you go about asking for it?

Well, not like this. ‘I’d like around an extra bazillion a year. Because, you know, I’m worth it. Ah, go on…’

Not gonna happen.

Try this. Get prepared (just like you did for the interview that got you the job in the first place, remember?). Think about what the business needs more of and work out how you can help deliver that – and not just by doing more of what you’re already doing.

Make your pitch. Set out how a promotion will enable you to contribute further. And don’t say, ‘Can I have?’ Say, ‘What is it going to take to get me from here… to here?’. Try to establish a time frame to achieve a promotion, gain clarity on what needs to be achieved and by when. By showing further commitment to the company, you will earn more attention and commitment from the employer. They will know you are eager to develop and it will be a smart investment for the company. 

Because then you’re in a dialogue about value – not just about the cha-ching cha-ching.