Top 5 Tips to Rock the First Day in your New Job

28 Feb Career Advice
As a recent graduate, starting your first professional role can be a truly daunting experience filled with self-doubt and unnecessary worry.

Fear not! Check out how to prep for your big day to make Day 1 a seamless and an undeniable success.

Be Organised and Look the Part

This should go without saying but it’s really important to prepare your look in advance of the big day. Carefully choose your clothing the night before taking guidance from what other employees were wearing around the office during your interview. Some modern offices are more relaxed when it comes to dressing while others are formal and corporate so it’s good to know what to expect. Ensure your look is smart, well-turned out and neat. You only get one chance to make a good impression on your new team so make it count.

Rise and Shine

It may sound obvious but get up extra early and plan your route to the office a couple of days before so you know how long it takes, particularly in rush hour. Check for road traffic delays, bulletins and public transport disruptions, car trouble or other unforeseen circumstances in advance that may rear their ugly heads in the morning. Leave in good time to avoid turning up late on your first day. Don’t start things off on the wrong foot!

Break the Fast

Eat! Going from lectures and tutorials to a solid 9-5 can be a difficult adjustment to make so ensure you’re nicely energised with something nutritious in the morning. Pack some small snacks for when you get to grab 5 between onboarding sessions or company orientation. Long gone are the days when you could nip off for a cheeky sausage roll during classes so battle a rumbling stomach in advance.

Prep It Out

As my old headmaster used to say ‘Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.’ On day one, even week one, you’re probably going to be faced with meeting dozens of new people both in your team and in other company departments so it’s good to get your bearings beforehand. Do a quick LinkedIn search on the company, employees, their roles and backgrounds to make things easier for you in the beginning. Top tip – If you’d rather keep your prep (snooping) secret, then remember to change your privacy settings on your LinkedIn account. This great little function hides your activity from other users. On that note, make sure your LinkedIn profile is up to date, professional and fit for purpose as your profile will most likely be getting a look through as well.

Ask Questions

Come up with a list of questions the night before and don’t be afraid to speak up. This will show that you’re engaged, interested and ready to learn and succeed. Listen to what’s going on around you and figure out how the big decisions are made. Gleaning this information in the first few days will really help you to get the lay of the land in your new working environment.