Slight increase in graduate salaries in NI

10 Feb Graduate News

Radar has established the average salary for graduates based in NI has increased slightly in the past year and pay differences between male and females is decreasing.

The research has been conducted by the Department for Economy (DfE) who assess the salary of graduates who obtain employment six months after completing their degree. In the year 2016-17 the average salary is £21935 which signals a 1% increase compared to 2015-16 which was £21690.

The DfE publication also demonstrates an ongoing pay disparity between male and female graduates in NI however this is starting to decline. In 2015-16, males were paid an average of £22425, which was nearly £1500 more than the female average of £21690. In 2016-17, the average difference dropped to approximately £1000.

More information is available in https://www.economy-ni.gov.uk/topics/higher-education