It’s not rocket science (even when it is)

14 Feb Career Advice

Nailing an interview isn’t impossible. Seriously. Now, that doesn’t mean you’ll definitely get the job. Someone else may do as well – even better. But you should definitely be able to come away thinking you’ve done everything you needed to do to be in with a shout.

Because you got the basics right. You were on time. You were dressed appropriately. You made eye contact. You presented your ability and potential and you didn’t bad-mouth your current employer!

And. You. Were. Prepared.

These are easy wins – things that, to be honest, pretty much everyone knows they should do. But they still don’t. And because they don’t, they might as well be holding up a honking great sign saying, ‘Don’t pick me.’ (Except they’d have forgotten to bring the sign with them. Or held it upside down or something.)

And of those easy wins, the most important is of course preparation. Because you’ve really thought about why you want the job, and why you’re right for it – haven’t you? You can give a good answer to the killer question: ‘Tell me about yourself.’ And you have prepared smart questions to ask the interviewer about the company and the role.

Because even if the job actually is rocket science, getting it needn’t be.