Don’t be a pain. But write a pain letter.

16 Feb Career Advice

Ever hear that old expression, ‘The harder I work, the luckier I get’?

Well, now you have. And it’s a good one to remember – especially if you’re trying to get your first job.

You probably have a list somewhere of your ideal companies to work for. But they just don’t advertise vacancies that you’d be perfect for. So inconsiderate.

That doesn’t mean you have to wait. Make the first move. Write a pain letter. A what? Yes, pain.

That’s the name for a different type of cover letter. A cover letter is all about you. A pain letter is about the employer – specifically an issue that might concern them (and of course, how you’d help).

For example, has the company you’re interested in expanded recently, moved premises, won a big contract? Good for them. In business terms, that means pain: problems to be solved, resources to be managed and allocated, etc. And, oh look – here you are, willing and able. But don’t ask for a job. Ask if you could come in for a chat about the company and so on.

It might go nowhere. You could get a knock-back. But it shows initiative, which is one of the most valuable skills anyone can display. And it’ll be remembered. It could even pay off.

Here’s one more tip. If you don’t hear back from your dream employer, remind let them in a couple of weeks that you’ll just happen to be in the area – again for that no-obligation chat…

And their pain could become your gain.