Are you a squirrel or a Jaffa Cake? Dealing with wacky interview questions

20 Feb Career Advice

Be warned: some interviewers love to throw in an oddball question. ‘If you were an animal or a biscuit, what would you be?’ That kind of malarkey.

There is actually a logic behind it – and it’s not just to unsettle you. It’s to see if you can think on your feet. And though there isn’t really a right answer, what you say will reveal something about how you see yourself. Interviewers love that stuff.

So, are you a busy bee, a worker ant, a free-spirited dolphin? How about a watchful meerkat, a workhorse, a majestic eagle? Try to be witty about it. Also, since this type of question is a bit left-field, if you think your answer has gone down well, maybe ask the interviewer what they’d have said.

Now, there may not be a right answer to one of those questions, but there are plenty of wrong answers. If it’s animals, avoid the creepy ones – snakes, spiders, vampire bats, werewolves, Godzilla. (And cats – they’re only in it for themselves. And the YouTube clips.)

If it’s biscuits, obviously avoid Rich Tea. They’re so boring.